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The vast majority of businesses do not start out as global operations. In fact, many of them begin as small local businesses and stay that way – simply because it’s not always clear how to diversify internationally. But there are a number of very easy and effective ways to reach new clients no matter which country they reside in – and take your business to a new level in the process. Perhaps the most effective of these is the use of an international mailing list. Let’s find out how this can help your business cross new borders.

Targeted international data

Depending on your industry, there’s a very good chance that a market for your products or services already exists overseas – you just need to tap into it. An international business marketing list can do exactly this by providing you with targeted, relevant data on potential customers and people who may require your specific services. This is a far more effective strategy than simply ‘going in cold’, especially when you’re already shouldering the expense of exploring international markets. A targeted international mailing list will provide you with the names and addresses you need to step up your operation and unlock new revenue streams in countries you could never have dreamt of before.

Crossing borders with the internet

Targeted mailing lists are not limited to simply names, addresses and phone numbers; you can also acquire the email addresses of potential international clients. With an international email list, you can explore new areas with very low initial overheads – and this can be a fantastic way to test the water, so to speak, and decide whether or not international expansion truly is the right course of action for your business. And, unless your service is hyperlocal, there is an excellent chance that it could thrive in international markets – but you won’t know unless you try, right?

International Telemarketing Lists

Another means of contacting new global clients is to pick up the telephone. Again, with the right tariff, this can be a very low-cost way to explore interest in your services in the countries of your choosing. Even if you speak English exclusively, there are tens of countries that you could look into. Or, if you have the resource, you could hire some staff with language skills and talk business that way. An international telemarketing list is a superb way of opening a dialogue with new customers no matter where they are in the world. You never know, you could just be picking up the phone to your next big revenue stream.

telemarketing lists

If you’ve not yet explored the international options offered by business marketing lists, don’t worry, there is still plenty of opportunity. Simply decide where you’d like to establish your services, pick the right mailing lists for you, and start sending a message. If your offering is compelling enough (and if it works at home, why wouldn’t it be?) you’ll could find your business reaching incredible new heights in faraway lands – all without going near an airport!

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