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Investor Leads - Find Potential Investors, Partners And Entrepreneurs​

Targeted Investor Lists and Leads – from Entrepreneurs to Shareholders

Purchasing mailing lists of investor leads from ProMarketing Leads will create a substantial opportunity to produce significant return on investment per every marketing dollar you spend. Considering the range of possibilities – sophisticated entrepreneurs, capital financiers, high net worth executives, targeted stockholders and so much more – ProMarketing leads can target the right audience of potential investor, entrepreneur, business partner and other high net worth decision makers for your next investor marketing campaign!

Our targeted lists of investor leads will offer your company serious value for promoting the right products and services to the right investor audience. Don’t waste your time shooting in the dark – focus your limited time and budget toward qualified lists of potential investors email and/or partners.

Because investors are part of a demographic group that’s well known to seek opportunities (of all types…not just for investments), using a quality investor mailing list can be one of the best ways possible to connect with a profitable market of prospects and leads, instead of limiting yourself to just your personal network and people you meet. We specialize in investor mailing lists that convert.

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What Types Of Investor Leads Can We Provide?

The list of Investors offered by ProMarketing Leads will present your firm with a solid base of valuable targeted prospects, including the following niche selects:

  • Accredited Investors
  • Investment Opportunity Seekers
  • Real Estate Investor Lists
  • Commodity Investor Prospects
  • Active Stockholders & Traders
  • And Many More. Ask Us!

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Don’t see the exact investor leads marketing list that will be needed for your next highly successful promotional campaign?

No worries…we’re a full service list broker, which means that we can find the exact list of potential investors, partners and entrepreneurs and other that are most likely to be seeing a deal like you’re offering, from our huge exclusive database of over 40,000 unique lists. And if we cannot locate exactly what you require, we’ll expertly custom create it to your exact specifications.

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Are you ready to take your Investor marketing campaigns to the next level?

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Most frequent questions and answers

Our investor mailing lists are updated monthly and are created by a network of about 6,000 data sources. All our investor lead lists are customized for our client’s needs. The foundation of the investor mailing lead lists starts with credit bureau data.
Using credit bureau data, we can pull all known active investors and then start to filter down by risk tolerance, net worth, liquid net worth, income-producing assets, types of investments they own, investor conference attendees, investor newsletter subscribers, crypto investors, commodity investors, international investors and so on.

Our biggest buyers of investor lead lists are typically companies looking for accredited investor leads to market private placement investments to raise capital. We also have clients who sell investor newsletters, trading seminars, investment conferences, stock brokers, financial planners, and wealth advisors who all benefit from using our investor’s leads.

Yes, we do have an investor leads database available globally. The type and depth of the data will vary greatly from country to country. Sometimes clients want to target business owners globally in select industries with their international investment opportunities. Contact us to discuss your international investor list needs.

We first work with our investor list clients to profile and study who their best investors are. We model what their best investors look like financially and invest behaviorally. This produces investor leads that are most likely to respond to your offer. Many of our competitors only sell modeled investor leads. That means they are only pulling by demographics most likely to respond. We do that and then over the data with actual investments, the information they have self-reported, or purchases they have made.

Yes. We have lots of investor email leads available. Some email leads will only be available for list rental, others for purchase. Also, the investor email leads vary depending on consumer or business data. Contact us with your unique investor email list needs, and we will put a proposal together for you, going over your email list options.

Yes. If you have what is commonly referred to as a “suppression file,” we will take your in-house list of investors and remove those names from any investor list you purchase from us. We can also do the suppression via name, address, phone number, email address, demographics, or geography. Just let us know. Typically, there is no fee for us to do a suppression.

We are one of the best investor email list broker in US.

Yes. We sell a lot of investor telemarketing lists. Some investor telemarketing lists have investors’ business contact info and others’ home contact info. We have some lists where the investor’s cell phone number is available. Contact us to discuss your investor telemarketing list or investor cell phone list needs.

Typically, we output all our marketing lists in Microsoft Excel (CSV format). But we can accommodate any database format for the output. Some of our investor list clients require PDF format for printing. Just let us know what you need.

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