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At ProMarketing Leads, we understand that at times, focused ethnic mailing lists are exactly what are needed to achieve more diverse results from a highly targeted direct marketing campaign. Because unique cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs are often the most significant parts of an individual’s focus in life, ethnic mailing lists open up a great range of opportunity.

With dozens of ethnic groups to chose from, we can help you tap into the millions of households that are likely to be interested in your culturally targeted products and/or services.

Our highly targeted lists are compiled from all sorts of sources, including census data, public documents, and financial material. We can zero in on segments of ethnic groups that are most likely to be interested in what you offer.

Because ethnic mailing lists can drive down to a very accurate level of prospect targeting for culture-specific products and services, the lists’ prospect conversion rates tend to be at the higher end of the scale. Ethnicity, culture, race, and religion are all very effective niche selects. Also popular is targeting by a specific spoken language.

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What Types Of Ethnicity Mailing Lists Do We Provide?

Targeted ethnicity mailing lists from ProMarketing Leads cover a significant range of high-producing niche ethnicities, including:

  • African American Household Lists
  • Arab American Groups
  • Chinese
  • Asian Groups
  • Eastern European Groups
  • French
  • Hispanic Household Lists
  • Japanese
  • Middle Eastern Groups
  • Native American
  • Western European Groups
  • And Much More. Ask Us!

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ProMarketing Leads Provides Best Targeted Ethnic Mailing Lists

ProMarketing Leads is a customer-focused full service list broker. As such, we have exclusive access to tens of thousands of unique lists from the industry’s leading network of sources. Know that we stand behind all of the lists we provide – our very high quality ethnic marketing mailing lists are precisely accurate with the best delivery rates possible. We’re also happy to provide custom telemarketing lists, email lists, and many other types of direct marketing data for your ethnic marketing campaign.

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Ethnic Mailing List FAQs


Most frequent questions and answers

There are thousands of sources that produce and enhance our ethnic marketing lists. We list some of the sources below:

  • Census Data
  • Credit Bureau Data
  • Birth Records
  • Self-Reported Information
  • Transactional Data
  • Surveys 

We have several clients that do market research. Their surveys and studies may need to target a specific ethnic group. Our Ethnic Marketing Leads can also be overlaid with all varieties of consumer data. We have medical marketing researchers who need to target select ethnicities with specific ailments. Our data allows for this type of hyper-targeting.

We have about 80 ethnic groups our data can target. There are several filtering options with how assimilated the household is and what the language preference of the household is. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific ethnic marketing list needs.

Yes, please contact us to discuss your email list needs. 

Yes, and ethnic cell phone lists are available as well.

We have about 60 languages to filter the mailing or marketing list.

Yes, with our ethnic data, we can filter by a household or individual’s religion.

Yes, and much more.
We can provide postal, phone and email data on such a request.

Yes, as long as the data is not used offensively by any reasonable standard. We will not sell our data if we believe it is being used offensively.

Are you ready to take your ethnic marketing campaigns to the next level?

If so, contact ProMarketing Leads today – our experts look forward to helping you optimize your list and leads strategy to begin achieving prompt marketing success.

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