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Text Messaging Lists (SMS) Marketing Lists To Increase ROI

The text messaging list and cell phone database we manage can be considered a “Masterfile” of mobile numbers nationwide in the US. We are an industry leader when it comes to cell phone lists. We believe our mobile databases are the most accurate and complete data on the market. Our cell phone lists are not just phone numbers. The data is enhanced to filter by demographics and transactional data such as Age, income, ethnic group, political party, hobbies, and interests.

Advertising through (SMS) text message marketing just got easy.

Are you looking for a modern, creative way to drive marketing results? SMS (short message services) technology will give your company an edge using state-of-the-art mobile marketing techniques! Text message advertising is hot throughout multiple niches right now – not just because it works for marketers, but because the text message recipients have opted in and love being included! SMS marketing promises a bright future as the next generation in client retention and prospect conversion.

Pre-Screened Permission-based SMS Audience.

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It’s important to know that ProMarketing Leads maintains a policy that all SMS marketing using our text messaging technology will only reach an audience that has agreed to accept text message offers and promotions from your company.

While there are some incredibly effective opt-in-approved mobile marketing and text message mailing lists, we have found that the best options and the highest-performing campaigns are accomplished by those clients who have retained our services in compiling their list of SMS text message subscribers. For more assistance from a ProMarketing Leads expert, call us at (866) 397-2772!

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Benefits of outgoing SMS Text Marketing

Outgoing text message advertising is best described as sending out targeted promotional or response-driven text messages to a list of message subscribers. It’s popular because it produces results for mobile marketers, but there are many in-depth practical benefits too…

  • It still has the “unique” factor, getting through to a tech-savvy audience that’s often difficult to target.
  • SMS Text message advertisements are trackable, making it possible to tweak and adjust a campaign to maximize results.
  • SMS marketing achieves an industry-leading viewing rate compared to other direct marketing methods.
  • Ongoing promotions build customer recognition and brand loyalty.


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ProMarketing Leads has established solid working partnerships with leaders in the direct response marketing field. We can help you build an incredibly catchy text messaging campaign from start to finish. Using traditional media and marketing methods, we can help you to “pull” subscribers into your text message promotions! In other words, an initial plan is created, then implemented to persuade targeted consumers to send an opt-in text message and subscribe to your future outgoing mobile marketing campaigns.


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Why Work With ProMarketing SMS Leads

We’ve been involved in the direct marketing business long enough to have earned significant experience in all marketing campaigns – mobile marketing campaigns included. Whether you need behind-the-scenes assistance and advice getting your text message advertising plan up and running or a full-scale mobile marketing strategy built and executed from start to finish, we know exactly how to get the job done.


Types of Text Messaging Lists

Our cell phone lists give you a lot of data filtering options. If you need a list of every active mobile phone number in an area code, we could provide that. We could also provide that if it needs to be more targeted, such as all-female registered voters in a state. Every marketing list we do is customized, so it is always best to contact us and discuss your needs.

1.Saturation Cell Phone List

A saturation list includes every active mobile number in select geographies such as a city, state, or zip code. This type of list is used by marketers that don’t require much targeting or filtering of their marketing message. This data includes the full name, mobile number, city, state, and zip code of the mobile number’s owner.

2. Demographic Cell Phone Lists

Using our network of thousands of unique data sources, we can enhance, append and reverse cell phone numbers to provide various data filtering options.

3. Cell List Appending and Reverse Appending

We can take any existing marketing database or customer file and append mobile numbers to that file. Additionally, we can append demographic, purchase, and transactional data to your customer or responder file. Or we can reverse that by taking a list of mobile phone numbers and appending the address and demographic data.
The ability to append and reverse text messaging lists gives us many customization options when building a prospect SMS list or enhancing your customer file.

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We Believe Strongly In Validated List Compliance

There’s no need to worry about regulatory issues. When you buy our text messaging marketing lists, ProMarketing Leads ensures that each list we provide is fully compliant with all CAN-SPAM regulations. All of our lists used for SMS marketing utilize industry-standard opt-in procedures and allow recipients to easily and quickly unsubscribe.

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As a full service broker of sales leads lists with exclusive access to tens of thousands of the best lists on the market, our email marketing lists are of the very highest quality available. And to match the quality of the lists themselves, our friendly customer-focused service representatives are eager to assist. Give us a call today at (866) 397-2772 and find out how we can help!


Most frequent questions and answers

Since all of our marketing lists are customized to the client’s unique needs, you need to contact one of our list consultants, who can provide you with a text messaging list count and quote within hours. In most cases, the list turned around the same or the next business day.

They are updated monthly. There are over 40 sources used to process these updates. DNC (Do Not Call) Federal and State are processed twice a month.

Yes. We run the DNC scrubbed when your list is ordered unless your DNC List exempt, then we won’t scrub your order.

Yes, we do, but the coverage and detail of the data verify from country to country, and the verifying laws of each market. Please get in touch with us to inquire about the specific country, and you are looking for.

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