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Direct Mailing Lists For Your Direct Marketing Campaign

What is a Direct Mailing List?

A direct mailing list is a marketing database of consumer home or business office addresses used for direct mail marketing purposes. 

One-Stop convenience to buy direct mailing lists and marketing lists.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a direct mailing list source that assists your marketing campaigns from start to finish? From the initial stages of inception to the full fruition of your campaigns, direct mailing lists from ProMarketing Leads will guide and inform you. Thanks to our professional network of partners, we have a comprehensive suite of direct marketing services.

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We’ll provide you with the most specialized sales leads for your campaign needs. It’s our specialty. We have expertise with all aspects of business and consumer mailing lists, and we can work with you whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a start-up business. Regardless of your company’s size or needs, our high degree of targeting will give you the most results for your money. Our direct mailing lists are designed to maximize your return on investment.

Direct Mailing Lists Service
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We understand how complicated the process of direct marketing can be. You have so many choices, and you may have so many questions throughout the process. ProMarketing Leads will help and provide you with answers to your questions every step of the way. We may have some new and exciting ideas and options for you.

We pride ourselves on making a complicated process easy. Just tell us whom you want to reach and how you want to contact them, and we’ll take it from there. We use a variety of direct marketing mediums, including direct mailing lists, email marketing lists, and telemarketing lists. We can target your audience precisely with over 800 targeted demographic, behavioral, and lifestyle selections.

To understand direct mail lists, you must understand how a marketing funnel works. Your direct marketing funnel covers the marketing process. At ProMarketing Leads, our direct mail lists help you master the awareness stage of direct marketing. Our marketing lists put you in touch with your target audience before they are actively looking to purchase.

Benefits of using a Targeted Direct mail List

Targeted direct mailing lists help you reach your consumers or businesses likely to be your next best customer. When we produce a direct email list for our clients, we do all the necessary research to ensure we pull data based on the most valuable consumer and business demographics. By doing this, we save you time and money in the marketing process and produce a higher ROI on your marketing spend.
Our direct mail lists have thousands of selects to filter the focus to a particular industry or job titles in B2B marketing or demographics and purchase behavior in B2C marketing.
With our tailored direct mail databases, your marketing team is better positioned to generate sales and engagement from the list of prospects. Our lists will reduce the number of direct mailers you send out vs. generic lists. You can depend on us to provide only accurate and qualified consumer or business leads in your direct mail list.

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Our Comprehensive Direct Mail Marketing Capabilities

We are a full-service list broker specializing in premier quality direct leads and mailing lists. At ProMarketing Leads, though, providing quality direct mailing lists is only part of what we do. We offer our customers and clients an entire portfolio of comprehensive all-in-one mail marketing capabilities. With the help of our industry-leading partners, we’re ready to tackle your direct mailing projects from start to finish – no matter how complex the task might be!

What one-stop convenient direct mailing lists and marketing lists do we provide?

ProMarketing Leads is ready to assist with your next direct mail marketing campaign. Again, providing quality direct mailing lists is only part of what we do. Our entire portfolio of services includes, but is certainly not limited.

  • List Development – From selecting just the right business mailing lists, telemarketing lists, email marketing lists, or our other specialty lists (i.e., nurse lists), we’re experts at developing direct mailing lists that produce top-end results. Plus, we partner with experts to further enhance and expand leads lists.
  • Marketing Strategy Development – We’ll help you blueprint a mail marketing campaign aimed for superior effectiveness, outlining in easily understandable terms each action step to be taken along the way.
  • Graphic Design – Every company supposedly has an in-house graphic design “expert.” Our team of graphic designers has extensive experience in mail marketing. They know what work. They are not only design experts but truly experienced direct mail graphic design professionals.
  • Sales Copywriting – Writing to sell genuinely is an art. Allow our seasoned sales writers to ink your future mail marketing copy. Then, sit back and watch the responses roll in like never before.
  • Full Printing Capabilities – Direct mailings that attract attention require more than just the most basic copyshop capabilities. ProMarketing Leads works exclusively with printers that can create the most appealing and alluring pieces possible for your campaign.
  • Mailing Services – Our mailing experts will presort and process your direct mailings before they arrive at the post office. We’ll help you optimize your postal process and save you time and money as a result.
  • Tracking and Testing – No matter how successfully you have used high-quality direct mailing lists, there’s always room for improvement. We can gradually improve even the most effective mailings by carefully tracking results and testing marketing campaigns!

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ProMarketing Leads Provides Better Direct Mail Lists

These are just a few of the significant mail marketing services we offer! Let’s connect today at (866) 397-2772 and discuss how ProMarketing Leads can help you save money while improving your direct mailing campaign results. We’re ready to share our expertise!

Direct Mailing List FAQs


Most frequent questions and answers

ProMarketing Leads has contact profiles on 280 million US consumers and 35 million businesses worldwide. Our direct mail lists are designed to put your direct marketing message in front of your next potential best customer.
A business or consumer direct mail list can include mailing address, phone number, email address, and social media profile Information. Also, these lists can consist of thousands of demographic, financial, and purchase behavior Information.

Direct mailing lists at ProMarketing Leads contain necessary information about the B2C or B2B target audience, such as first and last name, company name, job title, phone number, email address, SIC code, NAIC code, industry, etc. The information provided in the direct mailing lists will be 100% accurate and as per the mailing list criteria.

We have thousands of demographic, transactional, and behavioral selections. Please get in touch with us if you don’t see what you are looking for on the website. With over 42,000 data sources available, we will likely be able to custom-build and filter the direct mail list you are looking for.

To order a direct mailing list from ProMarketing Leads, contact us at (888) 397-2772 to talk to our lists expert. Our list experts will help you to complete the process of ordering the direct mailing list and build the best possible customized direct marketing lead list for you.

In most cases, we can provide a free sample of the list. Contact us now to let us know what you are looking for, and we can likely get you a sampling of the data.

The information included in our direct mailing lists is collected from the most authentic sources, such as online purchases, surveys, monthly newsletters, online subscriptions, B2B directories, email campaigns, public phone records and thousands of other sources.  Our data scientists verify and update the information before the list is delivered to our client.

ProMarketing Leads have a special team of data scientists and compilers responsible for regularly updating the direct marketing mailing list data monthly.

Before ordering a direct mailing list from ProMarketing Leads, you must identify your target audience. When you clearly understand your target audience, you can order customized direct mailing lists depending on the target’s region, industry, revenue, etc. It will help you to reach those most likely to respond to your message and offer.  We can help you profile your best customers and filter your list.

Yes, our business and consumer  direct marketing leads are guaranteed 95%+ accurate.

We provide you with the best and most personalized mailing list containing prospects most likely to respond.  If you analyze and choose the most appropriate direct marketing leads, you will have a successful direct marketing campaign.

We offer our customers different direct mailing lists depending on their needs and target audience. We provide B2B, B2C, internal database/CRM lists, Response lists, and Compiled lists.  Contact us to discuss your specific list needs.  

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