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New Homeowner mailing lists help businesses connect with new homebuyers who are often big spenders and need lots of help and services to settle into their new homes. Marketing lists of new homeowners allow the business to connect with new homeowners locally and nationwide.

Reach a high net-worth group of new homeowners in the US and future homeowner prospects at ProMarketing Leads

What makes new homeowner mailing leads effective for marketing?

New homeowner mailing lists, in particular, can be a goldmine for businesses looking to grow their customer base.  Credit-worthy new homeowner prospects are highly desirable for many home-related businesses’ marketing efforts.

There is an incredibly wide range of products and services that traditionally match the needs of contemporary homeowners, especially in their first several months of home ownership. These sales prospects show a consistent willingness to invest in products & services. 

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What information & demographics is available in the new homeowner mailing lists?

New homeowner mailing lists feature a large and diverse base of valuable niche targeted selects – making it possible to zero in on just the type of potential customers that are a good fit for your business. These filter include:

  • New Homeowner list by address
  • New homeowner list with phone numbers
  • Home Purchase Price
  • Home Address 
  • Household
  • Loan amount & type
  • Detailed Mortgage Information
  • Sale Type
  • Property Type
  • Down Payment
  • And Many More Selects!

An effective new homeowner marketing leads must be tailored specifically to your business’s individual requirements. When searching for a new homeowner list provider in US, look for options such as filtering by location, age and income to ensure you can meet these goals effectively.

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Best New Homeowner Mailing List Provider in US

ProMarketing Leads is always proud of the high net-worth new homeowner mailing lists provided to each client. We’re industry leaders in producing accurate and high-net-worth new homeowner lists by address, phone numbers and many more filters in the US.

Contact us today for targeted new homeowner leads lists. 

How to use new homeowner mailing lists effectively

Once you have selected a new homeowner lists, it’s important to use it effectively to maximize your return on investment. Here are some tips for using new homeowner mailing lists to grow your business:

  1. Create a Compelling Offer: it’s important to create a compelling offer that stands out. It could be a discount, special promotion, or even a free consultation or estimate.
  2. Personalize Your Message: When creating your marketing campaign for new homeowners, personalize your message to the recipient. Use their name in the salutation, and tailor your message to their needs and interests.
  3. Follow-Up: Don’t be afraid to follow up with new homeowners after your initial marketing message. This could be a phone call, email, or direct mail piece. Following up can build rapport with new customers and increase your chances of closing the sale.
  4. Track Your Results: Finally, be sure to track your results to determine the effectiveness of your new homeowner mailing list campaign. Use metrics such as response rate, conversion rate, and overall revenue generated to measure the success of your campaign and make adjustments as needed.

New Homeowner Mailing List FAQs


Most frequent questions and answers

A New Homeowners List is a marketing list consisting of Names, Addresses, email and phone numbers of people who have recently purchased a new house.

New homeowner list price mostly depends upon filters, demography needs and the number of data required.

New homeowners often need various products and services, including home decor, landscaping, and home improvement services. By targeting these individuals, businesses can increase their chances of acquiring new customers and growing their revenue.

All new homeowners lists with addresses and phone numbers at ProMarketing Lead are updated monthly.

New Homeowners are highly targeted by marketers because they spend more money on all sorts of things. 

The below service businesses are the most consistent buyers of new homeowner data:   

  • House Cleaners / Maid Service
  • Painters
  • Window Cleaners
  • Churches
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • HVAC Service Companies
  • Local Restaurants  

Financial institutions and public records/fillings. Since the data is compiled via real estate transactions, it is highly accurate.

Yes, we can. Please contact us to discuss your specific cell phone new homeowner list needs.

Contact us today, and we will run the numbers in your area. We can tell you how many there are on average every week, month or year.

There are many options for this. Everything we do is customized, so please contact us with your specific needs. 

Below are some examples of available selects to filter new homeowner marketing leads:

  • Home Value
  • Home Size (square footage)
  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Type
  • Age of Homeowner(s)
  • Credit Score of New Homeowner
  • Homeowners Income
  • Email Address
  • Cell Phone Number
  • And Many More…..

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