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Envision a brighter email campaign with opt-in email marketing lists.

Are you considering buying email marketing lists? Let ProMarketing leads put your email marketing project on the right track now! There are many often-overlooked but significant ways to build a bright results-oriented email marketing campaign. ProMarketing Leads can even help companies that are already experiencing excellent results with their existing email marketing lists! Are you ready to improve the performance and conversion of your email marketing efforts today?

We’d love to show you new ways to take your email campaign to the next level. Why not call us today at (866) 397-2772 and let one of our experts review the many benefits of using only the best business email addresses and marketing techniques available through ProMarketing Leads.

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Why would you stop with just a direct mail list or Email Marketing lists?

The best direct marketing principles include a multichannel approach. When ordering an email list from ProMarketing Leads, you get the most accurate information to create another direct marketing touch point.
We have the best technology and the best network of data partners in the industry to put you in touch with your next client via an email list.
Our email list success is anchored on hard work and a passion for providing you with the best email list for your brand and your goals.

Benefits of using an Email Lists:

 Email list marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies and may be the most successful B2B marketing strategy. Email lists offer an excellent way to educate your potential customers.  

There are several ways marketers can use email list marketing to businesses or consumers. It all starts with targeting, and that is where we come in. ProMarketing Leads has many competitors that will sell you the database of 1 million email addresses used by spammers. That is not our business. All our email data is fully compliant, and we segment the data to target those potentially your future client or customer.  

This way, you can protect the integrity of your brand and discover who might be interested in your product or services. The more targeted your email list is, the more successful your marketing campaign will be.  

Types of Email Lists at ProMarketing Leads

We have three main types of email lists that we provide: business email lists, consumer email lists and international email lists.

Our business email lists are global collections of companies we filter by industry, decision-maker job titles and much more. B2B email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums. With our business email lists, you can:

  • Target Select Industries: You can filter your list criteria by SIC code, NAICS code, industry keyword or grouping.
  • Reach Specific Job Titles, Decision Makers and Key Contacts: We have a global network of B2B data sources used to append and enhance our email lists. Our B2B contact lists are sourced from order forms, industry book buyers, trade publications, conference and seminar enrollments, membership databases, licensing data, surveys and market research.
  • Use Advanced Hypertargeting Strategies: Using our email data, you get more targeted leads. We don’t sell prepackaged or bulk email lists.

Your business email list requirements might include the following:

-banking executives around the globe that use a select software
-trucking company owners that have a select fleet size
-CFOs of publicly traded companies
-Self-employed business owners
Whatever your business email list needs, please get in touch with us today and let’s start the process of putting you in touch with your next customer via email marketing. Our B2B email data is always up-to-date, targeted, comprehensive and well-managed.

Consumer email marketing is a highly cost-effective way to reach prospects on the buying journey. Working with ProMarketing Leads gives you access to detailed consumer purchase data and demographics. We work with you to leverage our data insights to provide you with an email list of prospects most likely to engage with your brand.
We have thousands of transactional, behavioural and demographic consumer data filters to use when building an email list. It is best to contact us and discuss your unique email list needs.

Below are some common consumer email list filters:

  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Mortgage Information
  • Property Information
  • Apparel Buyers
  • Auto Buyers
  • Health & Beauty Buyers
  • Home Decor Buyers
  • Pet Owners
  • Jewelry Buyers
  • Magazine Subscriber Email Lists

We can do all the business and consumer email list capabilities we list above internationally. Marketing research email marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach new global markets, whether B2C or B2B email marketing.

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Seven Reasons Why Email marketing database is So Effective For Marketers

1. A well-optimized email marketing campaign will rake in new sales leads.
2. Email marketing lists establish a massive reach across various demographics.
3. Using email lists to help establish or grow the number of existing list subscribers is simple.
4. Marketing with email shows results very quickly.
5. Email marketing is ready to track each step of the way.
6. Email produces remarkably reliable and predictable campaign results.
7. And perhaps best of all – email is affordable!


Most frequent questions and answers

Our email lists service & business email addresses are highly targetable.

Using niche email marketing lists is one of the best ways to target the right audience. Though many email data points are available, ProMarketing Leads can quickly produce the exact list of emails your marketing campaign requires. For example, we can provide the correct email marketing lists if you need to reach homeowners. Would you like a list of computer users? Not a problem. How about small business email lists? Sure thing…we’ll make it as easy as possible for you!

ProMarketing Leads Focuses On Email List Quality

 When you’re ready to purchase your email marketing lists, you’ll be happy to know ProMarketing Leads uses only the best quality, most reliable and responsive databases. We understand that accuracy is essential to you.

That’s why our direct marketing experts are proficient at custom-targeting email mailing lists for our clients. Plus, every list of targeted emails we sell is available at a significantly industry-competitive rate, which adds to a better return on investment (ROI) for you!

Thousands of selects. We note several examples above, but it is always best to contact us with your unique needs; since we utilize over 40,000 data sources, we have many levers to pull when building your email list.

Contact us today with your email marketing goals.
Then, we will start counting how many qualified email addresses to market and provide you with a quote.

Yes, in most cases, we can provide you with a sampling of what the data will look like and your file layout.

We collaborate with our clients to study, examine and profile who is their best customers. We model what their buyers look like demographically and transactionally. This produces email marketing leads most likely to respond to your offer. We have thousands of sources to employ when producing an email list for our clients. Often we can sell you an email list of people who subscribe to a certain newsletter, bought a specific product, donated to a certain charity or meet all that criteria. We don’t sell prepackaged email lists. Everything is customized, so please contact us to discuss your email marketing list needs.

All of our email marketing lists are made up of opt-in data. Everything we sell is CAN-SPAM compliant. If required, in many cases, we can provide the details of the opt-in on each email on the list. Don’t hesitate to contact us with compliance, opt-in email list questions or discuss your unique needs.

Very targeted. Whether you are looking for a business or consumer email list, we have thousands of selects and options to filter down an email list. Our capabilities with consumer email leads go way beyond simply targeting by demographics. For example, we can target a consumer email list based on purchases, hobbies, interests and demographics.

We also have the ability to overlay email databases when building a targeted email marketing list. Most of our competitors don’t understand or know how to do this. We can also take a customer or buyer file of names and append the email address to the data.

Contact us to discuss your unique email list needs. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to provide targeted email list solutions.

If you have what is commonly known as an “email suppression file,” we would take your email list file and suppress any matching email addresses from the list you purchase from us. We can also suppress emails from the email list by geography or demographics. No purchase is required for us to do this. We commonly do this in the count or quote phase to see how many unique email addresses we can provide.

We can also suppress by name, address and phone number if needed.

Practically any way you can think of: City, State, Zip Code, Area Code, County, Radius around an address, Latitude & Longitude.

Yes. Typically with a business email list or consumer email list, we can output the phone number with the email address. Most of our email lists are full record data with the mailing address, phone number and email address on the list output.

Typically, we output all our marketing list data in Microsoft Excel (CSV format). But we can accommodate any database format for the output. We post the data output on our FTP site for larger email list database files.

All our email lists are built using over 40,000 marketing databases. Everything is customized based on our client’s unique email marketing list needs. Some of our competitors sell prepackaged unfiltered email list databases. That is not what we do here.

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