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Are you using premium-targeted telemarketing lists for your direct marketing campaigns? Even with the challenges that have arisen over the years, telemarketing sale still produces stellar results for those using quality telemarketing lists narrowed down to the most specific niches possible. As a full-service telemarketing lists broker with insider access to premium telemarketing phone numbers and business phone numbers across thousands of different categories, our telemarketing list brokers can help you revitalize your direct marketing campaign and start producing fantastic results once again

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Telemarketing lists are ideal for sales lead generation, direct selling, market research, appointment setting, pollical campaigns, fundraising and event promotion. We understand that every business is different and every telemarketing lead generation campaign is different. That is why every telemarketing lists we sell is different. Our core business is a data enhancement company. We can provide significant value to our call centre clients by selling cold calling telemarketing lead lists that are directly aligned with their offers.
When we build a telemarketing lists, we have many tools to anticipate and predict the consumer’s likely behaviour and needs. Our transactional databases allow our clients to develop highly targeted and effective direct marketing messages and offers.

Benefits of a Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing still can produce EXCELLENT results. Using right telemarketing lists is the key. Telemarketing lists though – highly targeted one work, but outdated and frequently overused telemarketing databases have the opposite effect altogether.

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telemarketing lists
Telemarketing Lead Lists 2023

Telemarketing lists are unique because the phone representative can answer questions, guide the consumer, and ultimately ask for the sale. The timeless marketing method is one of the fastest ways to reach new potential clients and customers. Need some help creating new energy and increasing your return on investment?

Today marketing is heavily digital. It may be time to consider a more personal touch and invest in a telemarketing phone number lists.  

Types of Telemarketing Lists

There are two main types of telemarketing lists we sell. Consumer telemarketing lists & business telemarketing lists

1. B2C Telemarketing Lists

Now you can take your direct marketing to the next level. With our consumer telemarketing lists, we can provide B2C telemarketing phone number lists that no one else can. Since we have over 40,000 data sources and partners, we can custom-build all telemarketing lists. If the list exists, we can offer it or create it for our clients. We are one of the best telemarketing list providers in US.
Working with our consumer telemarketing lists, you have thousands of demographic and purchase behaviour selects available. Some examples of consumer telemarketing databases are:

  • Credit Rating
  • Home Value
  • Net Worth
  • Occupations
  • Insurance Type
  • Ethnicity & Religion
  • Swimming Pool
  • Veterans
  • Custom Telemarketing Leads
  • And Much More

Basically, if you can think of the target, we can probably compile targeted phone number list for your specific requirements.

2. B2B Telemarketing Lists

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We have the data and technology to provide you with the most targeted B2B telemarketing lists anywhere. Our B2B cold calling lists are proven to direct dial the prospective target customer.
Like all direct marketing, your success will highly depend on your ability to engage with the target audience. We make ourselves essential to our clients by providing the target audience.
Selecting a business telemarketing calling list by industry, sales volume, employee size and key contact job titles is often the primary form of targeting businesses.

We often go beyond that and filter further by software the business uses, fleet size and business credit information. We expertly filter calling list data and selects to put you in touch with your next client.
Our telemarketing cold calling data has hundreds of job titles and job functions to filter by. The success of a business telemarketing campaign will rely on your ability to engage with the right person. Our telemarketing phone number lists are continually updated and verified to ensure your business telemarketing list has the most up-to-date and responsive phone numbers.

Why ProMarketing Leads is Best Telemarketing List provider in US?

ProMarketing Leads provides the most targeted telemarketing lists !

Many effective marketing plans require telemarketing lead lists that are targeted down to the very lowest common denominator – or in other words, the tightest possible niche. Focused lists will consistently produce the best quality results and the highest probable ROI. Our telemarketing lists come from our exclusive access to thousands of new niche telephone marketing lists. Here are just a few examples of the types of targeted telemarketing lists we can provide in an instant:

  • Self-Employed Professionals
  • New Parents
  • Parents Of School Age Children
  • Residences
  • Plus, Thousands More Additional Targeted Niches!

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The National Do Not Call List

Please rest assured – we’re fully compliant with all national Do Not Call policies. All of our data and telemarketing phone number leads are screened first to ensure the numbers we provide are not on the Do Not Call database list. Unless your business is DNC-exempt, just let us know, or we will help you find out.  

Call one of our friendly one-on-one telemarketing list broker today at (866) 397-2772 – we’re always excited to help create winning marketing campaigns!

Telemarketing List FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

The short answer is thousands of selects. With all the demographic and purchase data we license, you should contact us to discuss your unique list requirements. One of our consultants would be happy to start preparing a proposal for you for B2C or B2B telemarketing data.
Any telemarketing list can also include the contact’s postal mailing address and email address for multichannel marketing. In some cases, we can output the cell phone number as well.

Contact us via phone, email or the web and share your telemarketing list requirements. Within hours we will have detailed counts and quotes for you. Afterwards, we will turn the telemarketing lists around the same or the next business day.

In many cases, we can provide a sample/free telemarketing list. Contact us if you require a data sample.

If you want your telemarketing lists, DNC scrubbed against a federal or state DNC list, and we will take care of that for you. If you do not wish to have your leads DNC scrubbed because you are exempt, just let us know. If you need more clarification and your DNC status, we can help you determine that. Please get in touch with us with any DNC list questions or to discuss your unique needs.

It is highly targeted. Whether you are looking for a consumer or business telemarketing list, we have thousands of selects and options to filter down a marketing list. Sometimes our lists are small and “hyper-targeted”, meaning that the list might be of individuals that purchased a particular product. Often, we can source buyers of a specific brand or homeowners that live in the path of a storm.

We also can overlay our targeting abilities using multiple telemarketing list databases. Most of our competitors don’t take the time or have the understanding to do this. Further, we often take buyer data, and phone append it to create unique telemarketing leads.

Contact us to discuss your unique needs. We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your marketing needs and think outside the box to provide a telemarketing or call list solution.

If you have what is commonly known as a “suppression file,” we would be happy to take your file and suppress those numbers from the telemarketing list you purchase from us. We can also stop people from the call list by demographics or geography. We’d be happy to work with your suppression file when running counts on how many telemarketing leads are available. No purchase is required for us to do that. Please contact us to discuss your list suppression needs.

Practically any way you can think of: City, State, Zip Code, Area Code, Radius around an address, Latitude & Longitude, County, and even Mapping (if you provide us with a map and draw the geo you want to target, we can do that too). 

Yes, 100%. If your business is DNC-exempt, just let us know, and we will remove the DNC filter from the telemarketing leads. Many types of businesses and offers are DNC-exempt, so please get in touch with us to discuss your specific telemarketing list needs. Business Telemarketing Leads are DNC-exempt. Our business telemarketing leads are typically not DNC scrubbed.

Typically, we output the data in Microsoft Excel (CSV format). But we can accommodate any database format for the output. Some clients require PDF format for printing. Just let us know your unique needs.

Our telemarketing data starts with utilizing our network of over 40,000 marketing databases. From there, we customize everything for our client’s telemarketing list needs. Many of our competitors have static and stale single databases. They use and sell prepackaged data. That is not what we do here.


Robert Williams
Robert Williams
Best Telemarketing List provider
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Telemarketing list by ProMarketing Leads is comprehensive and always up-to-date. The best thing about ProMarketing Leads is that they takes the time to understand my needs and then provides a custom solution.
Jake Nakos
Jake Nakos
Prompt Response & Accurate Telemarketing list
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Brad was able to provide me with exactly what I needed in a timely manner. The telemarketing lead lists have enabled us to increase our profits significantly, and I would highly recommend Promarketing Leads.
Recieved Best B2B Telemarketing list
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ProMarketing Leads are reliable, and highly professional - the best of the best in his field! Their lists helped me to increase my ROI. I am glad that we made ProMarketing Leads, our listing partner.

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