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All About National Do Not Call Lists: How to Register, benefits

Telemarketing calls are becoming an everyday thing for people, leading to uneasiness and irritation among the public. Some of the Robocalls are even frauds trapping people in severe scams. As per the records, U.S. phones received around 50 billion calls in 2021, among which 40% plus calls were from scams.

You can register on the National Do Not Call List to eliminate this issue. Federal Trade Commission introduced the National Do Not Call List 19 years ago. People found this initiative beneficial, and more than 250 million registered their numbers. Do not Call List prohibits unwanted calls on your numbers. You will not receive scams or sales calls if registered on this List. Isn’t it Amazing? Let’s learn all about the National Do Not Calls List in Detail.

Do Not Call List prohibit only sales calls.

When you register your number to the Do Not Call List, you must know that it only stops the sales & telemarketing calls. You will continue receiving other calls like:

  • Political Calls 
  • Charitable calls
  • Telephone surveys
  • Calls from Debt collectors

One more thing to remember is that the DNC list can only prohibit telemarketing calls, not scam calls coming from Swindlers. However, you can take various other measures to block scam calls also.  For marketing purpose, generally DNC opt out Telemarketing list are used.

All the Sales calls are not stopped.

The DNC list continues calls from companies you have done business with recently. It also does not prohibit calls from companies with written permission to call from your side. If you wish to stop calls from such companies too, you have to contact them directly via written letter and ask them to stop calling you. 

The companies operating illegally are also not prohibited.

Usually, legitimate companies avoid calling the numbers registered under the Do Not Call List. However, FTC has noticed that various companies ignore the DNC list or use Robocalling. Robocalling for sales is illegal because only political calls are allowed to use Robocalls.

Dos and Don’ts when you receive an unwanted call

  • Dos – If you have registered your number on the DNC list and still receive unwanted sales Robocalls calls, You must immediately hang up. Such calls are illegal, and there is a high chance that the company is promoting scams via Robocalls. Additionally, according to FTC guidelines, you must file a complaint against such calls. 
  • Don’t- When you receive unwanted Robocalls even after registering to the DNC list, Don’t respond to the caller. Never follow their instruction and avoid providing any personal information. You must understand that no sales company can call you after registering on the DNC list. If you respond to such callers, they will continue calling you repeatedly. FTC recommends not speaking on such calls. 

Telephone Customer Protection Act and DNC list

If you still get unwanted sales, Robocalls, and you successfully identify the caller. You will get $500 as compensation charges under Telephone Customer Protection Act. 

The Registration Process for the National Do Not Call List

Registering your Phone number on the National Do Not Call List is simple and hassle-free. Follow the simple steps to get your DNC telemarketing list registration:

  1. You can Visit and register yourself. You will receive an email. You must click the email link to complete the registration process. 


  1. Call Toll free number 1-888-382-1222 using the phone number you need to register. You can register as many numbers as you wish on DNC. Business numbers and faxes are not covered under the DNC list. 

Benefits of the National Do Not Call List 

Mainly DNC list prohibits commercial companies from calling you by registering your number to the List. Registering your number to the Do Not Call List means you want to avoid telemarketers contacting you. Once you get registered, you will immediately notice a reduction in the number of sales calls. 

If the companies do not obey the law, The TCPA guidelines come into effect. It sues the companies which disobey the DNC list rules. 

How many days does it take to register your number on DNC? 

Although the registration process can be finished on the spot, it can take up to 30 days to become in effect. The companies get the information within 30 days and stop calling you. So, be patient because there can be a delay of up to 31 days. 

Similarly, you can delete your number from the DNC list by calling 888-382-1222 from your registered number. It will take up to 31 days to process. 

Lies about the National DNC List

Various misinformations are prevailing regarding the National D.O. Not call List. It would help if you did not believe these lies.

  • The government needs to release the numbers to the telesales. 
  • There is no deadline for registering the number on DNC. 
  • FTC operated only 1 DNC list. 
  • DNC list allows registration from mobile phones and landlines as well. 

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