How to buy New Homeowners lists

 Investing in a new homeowner list can be a very beneficial strategy for the business that provides services and products for new homeowner interest. New homeowners require various services and products to settle in a new house and society. This is a golden opportunity for business owners, such as real estate agents, home furnishing companies, insurance companies, etc. to market their products and get active customers.

Guide on how to buy a new homeowner list

Here, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for business owners to help them buy a new homeowner list:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Determine who are your target audience within the new homeowner categories. There are mainly 2 types of new homeowners – primary and absentee. Primary owners are those who buy the home and live there, whereas absentees buy the house but live somewhere else. Both types of homeowners have different requirements, and as a business owner, you must find out which category is best suited for you.

ProMarketing Leads can help businesses to identify the target audience according to their services and products. Our experts will have a detailed conversation with you about your business and your requirements and then provide you with a highly targeted new homeowner list.

Also, you must consider factors like location, demographics, income, etc, while buying the new homeowner list.

2.Choose a Data Provider

You will find various data providers and list brokers on the internet who are willing to provide you with new homeowner lists. You must look for a reputable data provider with a good history of accurate and up-to-date lists.

Now, you do not have to wander anywhere for updated and reliable new homeowner data, ProMarketing Leads will give you reliable data that can improve ROI and sales.

3.Know the List Criteria

Once you have finalized the data provider, you must work with them and define the criteria for your new homeowner list. The main factor include:

  • Location (ZIP code, city, state, etc.)
  • Price range of property
  • Size of Property
  • Demographics
  • Other factors depending upon your business requirements.

4. Ask for quotation

You can contact your data provider and ask them for the quotations for the new homeowner list. The prices may vary according to your preferences, the list size, and other factors.

Now, you can buy the customized, accurate, and up-to-date new homeowner list at your budget at ProMarketing Leads.

5.     Review Sample Data

Reviewing the data quality before purchasing the new homeowner list is essential to ensure the information aligns with your target audience and preferences. Ask the company for sample data to check the quality.

6.     Buy the List

Once you are satisfied with the data provided as the sample, you can buy the new homeowner list. Your data provider will offer you the list in digital format that you can utilize in conducting your market campaign.

7.     Data Usage Compliance

Ensure that the data you purchase comply with all data privacy and marketing regulations. Respect the audience’s privacy and opt out of making marketing calls if they are not interested in listening.

8.     Regularly Update Your List

Keep your new homeowner list data updated from time to time because the data can become outdated after some time, so make sure to update your list at regular intervals. It will ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of the list.

As the new homeowners are the individuals who have purchased the new home within the last 6 months to 1 year, you need to remove the people who have crossed 1 year of purchase from the list and add new homeowners to the list. This will ensure that you are reaching the accurate target and getting active, long-term customers.

9.     Analyze Results

The marketing campaigns that you have conducted using the new homeowner list must provide a good outcome. A successful marketing campaign means you have a good quality new homeowner list. So, you must analyze the results after the campaign to measure the success of your efforts.

While analyzing the results, you must check how many people in your list are responsive, what percentage of the individuals respond positively, and how many have converted into active customers.


Working with a reputable and well-known data provider is essential to ensure the accuracy and quality of the new homeowner list you have purchased. Please respect the privacy of the individuals and consider their preferences before making marketing calls.

Unlock your marketing potential with ProMarketing Leads, a reputable list broker in the USA. Conduct 100% successful campaigns with our top-notch new homeowner list and reach your target audience effectively.

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