How To Build Effective Cold Calling Lists

No matter how technology has developed, the power of cold calls is still on the top. A cold call that is perfectly executed and done at an accurate time is highly effective. Many globally successful B2B sales teams use cold calls to get in touch with their prospects and generate leads. 

However, getting the cold call list is tricky, and the wrong one can be a blunder for your sales campaign. A cold call list with accurate and authentic data will reap excellent results. 

Now the question arises, How to build a cold call list? No need to worry anymore; here, we will assist you with the complete guide to building the cold call list/telemarketing lists

What is a cold calling list?

A cold call list provides essential information to the sales teams about the prospects, such as their contact details, name, job, industry, company, and other information. 

If you are a part of sales development, You might know the importance of cold calling. It is a famous way to reach prospects as it enables companies to connect directly with customers. 

Cold call lists are essential aspects in generating targeted leads. For an effective call connection, you require accurate data and the prospect’s phone number. Acquiring such data can consume lots of time, but once you create a quality cold call list, you will need help to generate leads and convert prospects to customers. 

Tips for building a cold call list

Cold call lists are usually highly targeted as they contain the data of only those individuals who are interested in your product or services. Undoubtedly, it is a highly intimidating and time-consuming process when you need more information. But with smart work and the correct approach, you can reduce the time and effort required for building the cold call list. 

A highly effective cold call list contains the details of individuals facing issues that your product or service can successfully solve. These people will surely love to listen to what you have for them in the bucket. That is why cold call lists may have fewer names. 

With some simple tips given below, you can build a cold call list successfully:

Develop ICP – ICP stands for Ideal customer profile. It will clearly explain what kind of public can be your potential customers and who you want to target. Now it becomes much easier to give a direction to your research.  To develop your ICP, you must:

  1. Look at your existing customer database and find out if there is any common feature among the highest-paying customers. 
  2. Analyze the industries they work in. look for the company size, location, jobs, etc. This will help you find other customers who can fit into your list.
  3. Take feedback from your regular customers and discover their issues and how your product has solved their problems. 
  4. Now that you have a clear picture of the targeted prospects, you can search accordingly. 

How to build a cold calling list using technology?

Technology can also help you to collect the details of the targeted audience. It will enable you to get the most accurate data to a large extent. 

  1. LinkedIn

A highly effective way to build a cold call list is signing up for LinkedIn, as this platform is highly occupied with professionals from various industries. It possesses the data of more than 200 million users from more than 200 countries. You can easily search using LinkedIn filters for job titles, locations, industries, etc. This will consume time and require labor but will provide accurate information. 

  1. Prospecting tools

Such software will help you keep track of the people visiting your website. This software will also provide complete information about the visitor’s job title, location, etc., making it easier to identify your potential client. 

  1. Content marketing 

Publish various strong and attractive articles about your product on various platforms. Good content can convince readers to know more about the product, and they will reach out to you. Here, you can add demo request forms to get the contact details of the visitors. 

What should a cold call list contain? 

An effective cold call list contains the essential data to contact the prospects. Although the data you require is all up to you, there is some essential information that your cold call list must contain: 

  1. Name of the prospect
  2. Job title
  3. Name of the company
  4. Contact number (mainly phone number for direct calls)


Most people consider buying the readymade cold call list unsafe and prefer building their inventory on their own. The above-listed tips for building a cold call list are best for such people. The cold call lists are highly critical as you are talking to the people who are already interested in your product, and you have to convince them to turn into your customers instead of your competitors. It requires a quality cold call list and a talented sales team. 

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