Top Telemarketing Lists Broker in USA

Best Telemarketing List Brokers for cold calling leads in USA

Telemarketing leads/Cold calling leads are one of the traditional strategies for generating sales. This outbound marketing strategy has consistently shown the highest Chances of fixing a deal for B2B Business. Telemarketing has received negative stature because people question how the company got their list of phone numbers. The increasing number of scam calls are also leading to doubt in the mind of customers about the credibility of the company. 

For a telemarketer, it can be very tough to work without correct sales leads, which makes it essential to get a quick and simplified method to ensure your reach to potential prospects. 

Top cold lead companies possess large–scale databases comprising the most authentic contact information. You can buy cold-calling leads for any business according to your customer persona and client category. 

Here, we have discussed the best telemarketing list broker for cold calling in the US. Read on to know more! 

What are telemarketing lists?

A telemarketing list comprises the information purchased or collected with the intent of having people call through to advertise specific products and services to the target recipient group, with the aim of generating a direct sale or appointment setting. 

A telemarketing list usually contains information such as company name, contact number (CTPS verified), Contact name, and postal address. 

The telemarketing lists are the best ways of generating sales leads, conducting market research, political campaigns, appointment setting, direct selling, and fundraising.

Best Telemarketing Phone Number List Company in USA

  1. ProMarketing Leads

ProMarketing leads is  a trusted name in the field of cold-calling list providers in the USA. The telemarketing lists of ProMarketing Leads are best for lead generation, direct selling, appointment fixing, event promotion, and fundraising. ProMarketing Leads provide each of their clients with personalized cold-calling lists after understanding their needs and targets. 

The ProMarketing Leads adds value to the client’s business by selling them the cold calling lists optimized per their offers. The company uses various tools to pre-empt and foresee the customer’s nature and needs. The transactional database of the ProMarketing lead enables the clients to generate highly targeted and efficacious direct marketing messages and offers. 

The ProMarketing Lead provides prompt, highly professional, and welcoming service and the information they sell is 100% fresh, updated, and accurate. You can get the lists and leads in any electronic or printed format. 

Contacts Emails :

Address :  914 Knapp Dr, Papillion, NE 68046, United States

Contact No: +1 866-397-2772

How telemarketing companies help in b2b lead generation

Lead generation via telemarketing has attained fame over decades and becoming a popular method of attracting potential customers toward your products and services. Hiring a telemarketing company can help you boost sales exceptionally. 

The top telemarketing companies offer a wide plethora of services according to the target audience and method you prefer for lead generation for your business. These companies provide personalized lead generation strategies per the market in which your business operates. 

The B2B lead generation companies of telemarketing are categorized into online lead generation and sales lead generation companies based on the medium they use for generating high-quality leads. 

Numerous lead generation companies in the US can help you simplify your telemarketing and B2B lead generation.  

Telemarketing companies can help you in generating B2B leads through the following:

  1. Helping you expand your business beyond your current network

Telemarketing companies help you reach those customers you have yet to find.  A good B2B telemarketing company will help you recognize the target institution’s decision makers and ask them qualifying questions to know their interests before handing the list to you. Telemarketing companies can help your organization meet the milestones by expanding your reach beyond your existing network and introducing your products and services to the big world of prospects you were unaware of.  

  1. Improving sales team efficacy

A significant challenge most organizations face during telemarketing is the need for more pipelines with new leads. A good Telemarketing company for B2B lead generation ensures the continuous supply of qualified leads to your organization, which helps in smoothing out the peaks and ideas that can only be implemented with a sufficient pipeline. 

  1. Offering you the cost-effective solutions  

Telemarketing companies for B2B lead generation provide you with a wide range of services that can help you increase your sales and get potential customers at highly reasonable prices. 

The benefit of selecting ProMarketing Leads as a telemarketing list partner

Although various Telemarketing partners are functioning all over the US, ProMarketing Leads stand out from the crowd due to numerous extraordinary features. 

ProMarketing Leads understand their customer’s requirements for marketing lists and take extra effort in getting to the client’s marketing plans. We provide the ultimate mailing list services and lead-generation methods to help you produce great results. Our services are budget-friendly, and we can even personalize your required services within your budget. 

We possess the most updated data and technology to offer our customers highly targeted B2B telemarketing lists. We understand your direct marketing success depends on your ability to engross your audience; that is why we provide you with the target audience to make your work smoother and help you turn prospects into customers. 

Usually, organizations select telemarketing lists based on the industry, employee size, sales volume, etc., which are suitable methods for getting the target audience but ProMarketing Leads goes beyond this. We filter the lists according to business uses, fleet size, and business credit information. We have the expertise in filtering the data and helping you reach your next potential customer. 

Our cold-calling data contain numerous job titles and functions through which we filter. Our lists are regularly updated and verified to ensure that our client’s marketing team has the most accurate and responsible audience list. 

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