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When connecting with influential decision-makers, an extensive and up-to-date contact list is the most valuable asset for any company. The “Business Owner Cell Phone List” is a strategic marketing tool for companies to build direct and fruitful relationships with their prospects.

The carefully curated database of telemarketing lists at ProMarketing Leads contains the contact information of business owners in different industries, sectors and cater to various business needs

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Buy Business Owner Phone Numbers List For B2B Sales

Our business owner’s cell phone lists facilitate targeted marketing campaigns, empowering companies to customize their strategies to specific audiences, industries, or regions. This, in turn, maximizes their return on investment and minimizes the waste of time and resources on ineffective outreach.

According to a report, 30% of B2B data decay happens annually, which means that 1/3rd of your Business owner’s cell phone data gets useless every 12 months. This calls for the need for Business phone numbers list service to keep your data updated and accurate.

At ProMarketing Leads, we have a vast, updated, and fresh database of business owner cell phones that will help you to thrive in a fiercely competitive market.

Data Included in the Business owner's cell phone lists

The Business phone number list contains all the essential information required to understand the background of the business. It helps create the best strategy for dealing with the prospect and getting positive outcomes. ProMarketing Leads provide you with the following data in the business cell phone number list:

Name of Business Owner
Business Name
Business Phone Number
Business Address
Zip Code
Email Address
Website URL
Primary Cell Phone
Secondary Cell Phone
Years of Business
No of Employees

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Segmentation of Business Owner List

Business Phone data append service

Business owner cell phone list by SIC code

It is a specialized database at ProMarketing Leads that classifies business owners based on standard industrial classification (SIC) codes. This tailored approach will allow you to efficiently and effectively target and communicate with the audience.

telemarketing cold calling list for sale

Business owner cell phone list by industry

It organizes the contact details of business owners according to their respective industries. This allows you to approach potential companies, streamline your communication efforts, and engage with decision-makers in their field. We are one of the best lead brokers in the industry.

Reverse Phone Append Service

Business owner cell phone list by Country

We offer a comprehensive business owner cell phone list by country curated from reliable sources. It ensures good opportunities for targeted marketing to reach entrepreneurs directly on their mobile devices.

Benefits of Business Owner Cell Phone Lists by ProMarketing Leads

Business owner cell phone lists at ProMarketing leads offer many advantages if you want to expand your reach and establish meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs. Our phone lists for sale offer you the following: 

  1. Target Marketing: You will get access to curated inventories, enabling your businesses to focus on specific demographics, industries, or sectors. It will result in more efficient and effective marketing campaigns.
  2. Direct communication: with our B2B cell phone number lists, you can reach business owners directly, which increases engagement and feedback.
  3. Personalization: our US Business owner cell phone list allows you to create a personalized message and communication strategy that resonates with your audience. It helps in fostering a solid brand-consumer relationship.
  4. Enhanced Lead Generation: Business owner cell phone lists enable lead generation efforts. It allows you to identify potential prospects and nurture them through sales funnels.
  5. High conversion rate: Compared to traditional marketing methods, personalized mobile outreach generates a higher conversion rate due to communication’s direct and targeted nature. This ensures you get the desired response from the prospect. 
  6. Cost-effectiveness: With targeted messaging, you can reduce costs by focusing only on your real and potential audience.
  7. Opt-in compliance: Inventory generation through opt-in methods helps to maintain compliance with data protection regulations. Our cold-calling lists build trust and credibility with your audience.

How Can We Help to Find Business Owner's Phone Numbers?

At ProMarketing leads, we are dedicated to helping you find the phone numbers of business owners efficiently and effectively. Our specialized services offer several benefits to streamline your outreach and networking efforts:

  1. Extensive database: We have a massive database with verified and up-to-date information. It allows you to access a vast network of US Business owners cell phone lists.
  2. Targeted Search: we offer a personalized search based on specific criteria such as industry, location, company size, etc., to ensure you connect with your desired audience.
  3. Reliable sources: ProMarketing leads to ensure the collection of data from reputable sources with accuracy and authenticity.
  4. Time and cost savings: our vast and researched base saves time, and you can focus on core business activities, saving valuable time and resources.
  5. Data Security: We prioritize data security and implement strict measures to protect the privacy of both your information and the data we provide. We also deal in phone append services.

Price table for Business owner cell phone lists

It is customized as per needs, Call Us NowAccess to US business contact list
Unlimited searches and Downloads
Data as per needs, Lowest in the market
Categorized industry segments



Yes, you can get a free sample. Please ProMarketing leads to the official website to get the samples.

You can buy the business owner’s cell phone list at ProMarketing Leads. We offer highly targeted and accurate cell phone lists.

Yes, You will get the business owner’s cell phone number list by Zip Code, where you will get the contact details of the business owners working in your targeted ZIP code.

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