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One of the core responsibilities of any marketer in the financial services industry is new business generation. If you fall into this bracket, there are lots of tools available to you to help achieve your goal. Some of them are online, some are more practical – but there is one that can easily be overlooked, despite being incredibly effective. We’re talking of course about telemarketing, but before you dismiss the idea out of hand, let’s take a look at why we think investor telemarketing leads are a great choice.

Targeted leads to generate real results

Telemarketing is unique in the sense that it operates in a truly targeted way. Many people assume that telemarketing is solely about cold calling, but nothing could be further from the truth. By using telemarketing lists, financial service marketers can direct their enquiries towards people that will be most likely to respond to them. For example, you could use an investor mailing list to approach people based on age, total net worth, investment interests, risk tolerance and even portfolio size. An investor telemarketing list can be tailored to suit your business objectives – and it’s an excellent way to generate real results.

The building blocks of lasting relationships

The relationship between an investor and a financial services marketer is somewhat of a unique one, and it’s built on trust and professional respect. This relationship actually begins at that first point of contact, and by using an investor telemarketing list, you can feel confident before you even pick up the phone that the lead will be someone who has an active interest in investments, stocks and shares. This can then become a shared interest and a starting point for a professional relationship. The phone is also a very personal way to start this relationship, in the sense that you’re really talking to someone, rather than relying on an email or other indirect form of contact.

Enjoy a higher conversion rate

It’s generally understood that what really matters to financial service marketers is the conversion rate. If this stays high, it doesn’t make a bit of difference what the means were to achieve it. And with investor telemarketing lists, you can ensure that your conversion rate reaches new heights and actually stays there. When you have in your hand a huge list of potential leads and all that stands between you and a sale is a good conversation, the ball really is in your court. By harnessing the power of investor mailing lists, we can generate high quality potential leads for financial service marketers – and start generating long-lasting investor relationships at the same time.

So, is there a place in your marketing mix for telemarketing? You may just be surprised at the level of quality the results you’ll find will be. Investors are tricky to land as leads, but once you do, the relationship can be hugely fruitful on both sides. With this in mind, we’d heartily recommend you at least give an investor telemarketing list a try. You’ve got very little to lose, and a lot to gain.


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