Quality telemarketing leads are like gold dust

With so much focus on internet marketing, it’s not a surprise that many companies choose to invest in that area first. Social media marketing has been a hot topic in recent years and so the natural assumption has been that this is what ‘everyone else’ is doing, so it must be effective… right? Wrong. Well, that’s not to say social media marketing doesn’t work, simply that using methods such as a telemarketing list can work even better.

There is actually evidence for this – a study by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recently concluded that the Return on Investment (ROI) for calling telemarketing leads is actually higher than that of email marketing.

Qualified and targeted telemarketing leads: your secret weapon

Because many SMBs rely on personal service and local connections to make their business thrive, social media marketing doesn’t always work as well as it could for large organizations. Instead, telemarketing has the edge.

The reason for this is that telemarketing can be a very personal way of doing business. Rather than simply typing a tweet or Facebook message, calling quality telemarketing leads can actually speak to a real person and establish and genuine dialogue. Questions can be asked and answered in real time, and a natural rapport can be built.

Telemarketing doesn’t need to be intrusive

Due to the way that some businesses have chosen to employ telemarketing, there is a belief that use of homeowner telemarketing lists can in some ways be intrusive – but nothing could be further from the truth. By establishing who the prospects are, when would be the best time to call, and engaging them in a very real way, telemarketing can be a fantastic way to reach an audience.

It’s also dependent on who is making the calls; telemarketing leads don’t need to be ‘forced’ by aggressive sales people, they can be genuinely cultivated through honest communication and a real dialogue. There’s simply nothing better than talking to a real person and getting real answers. It makes that first sale so much easier (for both parties).

By choosing a friendly, outgoing team (who can actually take ‘no’ for an answer), your SMB could unlock a marketing channel you hadn’t considered – and reap the financial and reputational benefits at the same time – so don’t make the mistake of ignoring the potential of leveraging targeted telemarketing leads lists.

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