How To Increase Email List Effectiveness For Marketing Campaign

You have your email marketing lists ready. You know exactly the kind of client you want to attract – and you have composed an outstanding message which is simply guaranteed to convince your target audience that your business is by far the best in the industry. You know it – and it’s high time they knew it too. Unfortunately, however, as many as 80% of all emails received are either deleted without being read or – worse – default straight to the folder labelled JUNK. So how can you avoid your carefully composed message going the same way? How can you increase your email open rates so that your email is seen and appreciated by the people you are trying to reach? The answer is simpler than you might think – and this post aims to give the keen email marketer an insight into effective email communication.

Make it Personal

Think about your own inbox. You probably receive hundreds of emails a week – and you probably automatically ignore those emails that come from generic addresses. The fact is, an email received from, for example, ‘info@abcdcompanydotcom’ is more likely to stay unread, whereas a message from ‘mrwhite@abccompanydotcom’ seems to ‘speak’ to the reader before it’s even been opened. Basically, a personal address is more direct and tends to pique the reader’s curiosity – making your email marketing campaign far more effective. If you can, try and send your emails from a personal (but business related) account, preferably with a first or second name in the address line.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Short, Keep it Direct

This advice relates to your subject line. If your email header is overly complicated, doesn’t relate to your business or email content and gives an offer that seems too good to be true – it will end up heading to the trash folder. So, instead of including a lengthy subject header that promises fantastic discounts, think of ways you can get your message across without sounding salesy.  People are bombarded with overt sales and marketing messages on a daily basis and as a result have actually become desensitized to it – so avoiding this angle in your email marketing literature is imperative.

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Be Aware of Spam Filters

Spam filters are there to protect the innocent email user from unsolicited emails. You know those messages that seem to shout at you about AMAZING 50% DISCOUNTS!!! and Save Money On Your Favorite Products- Sale Now On!!!!!!…? You get my drift – and for the most part, these types of email will naturally default to the JUNK folder, for obvious reasons. The spam filter is pretty clever and if it catches too many exclamation marks, lots of shouty capital letters or even a generic sales subject – it will throw them away – and rightly so. Similarly, emails that contain too much HTML, images or videos are likely to end up in the bin.

The Time is Right

People access their email at different times of the day (and night) – but statistics have shown that open rates tend to increase depending on the time an email is received. Week days are the best for making sure your message is seen – with weekends and evenings proving less successful. Having said which, the demographics of your target readership could dictate the best time or day for you to send out your emails. If a company wanted to inform their readership about potential savings regarding vehicle expenses, they might benefit from targeting an ‘at home’ audience who take care of personal errands after a full day at work. Or, if a business needed to tell prospective clients about a new mobile app which could streamline their working life, it would probably be best to concentrate their email marketing during traditional office hours.  It’s always a good idea to try experimenting with different times and subject headers in a bid to establish the most profitable time for you to click ‘send’.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly-  make sure you respect your intended readership. People aren’t stupid and even if they open an email, if the content fails to match up to expectations they will ignore or delete the message immediately. Your email content needs to be engaging, pithy, informative, NOT too salesy and, where possible, helpful. People love learning new things, especially regarding subjects about which they are already interested – and if your email can deliver this, then your prospective client is far more likely to carry on reading – again and again.

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