Email Is The Language Of Modern Business… How Well Do You Speak It?

If you run a business or you’re responsible for the marketing of one, you’re probably inundated with new ways to reach prospects and clients. From social media to viral marketing, there are countless means of attracting attention; the trouble is, a lot of these are ‘flash in the pan’ ideas. They may work in the short-term, but falter when it comes to long-term effectiveness. That’s exactly why time-tested solutions such as email marketing are so reliable – especially when it comes to selling business to business.

The heart and soul of modern business

If there’s one thing that almost all modern businesses have in common, it’s email. For the vast majority of decision-makers, email is their touch-point with the rest of the business, as well as suppliers and clients.  That’s just one of the reasons why investing in a business email marketing list and harnessing the power of email marketing is such a great idea. It’s not only a great way to circulate ideas and generate brand awareness, it also enables new forms of interaction, such as meeting requests and webinar invites. These leads can be secured in the click of a button, and all thanks to a business email list.

The problem with social media

A lot of newer branding and marketing companies are pushing social media as the ‘next big thing’. That may be true for consumers, but what about businesses? How many CEOs or decision-makers have you seen browsing Facebook or Twitter during their working day? It’s not a common sight. And for that reason, social media marketing can never be as effective a promotional tool as something like email marketing. All you need to do is purchase an email list and you have in your hand the power to reach countless businesses in a way that really works. Social media marketing is a scattershot approach; with email marketing, your results are truly measurable.

Communicating on the same level

The key of business to business marketing success is being able to communicate on the same level as your prospect. Email is a language all modern businesses can understand. The onus is then on you and your creativity to use email in a unique way to catch attention and avoid trash folders. But regardless of how you go about that, using a business email list is certainly a far wiser investment than any of the ‘new media’ solutions. Don’t forget that B2B is a totally different arena than B2C; reaching business owners via social media is a fruitless endeavor. The key is to speak the same language to make the connection; and in the case of most modern businesses, that language is email. An email marketing list, then, is your dictionary.

As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Since the advent of email communication in a business context, it’s been at the core of all operations – and there’s a good reason for that. Email marketing gives you a direct line to your prospective customers… where you go from there is up to you.

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