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The Effectiveness Of Direct Mail For Holiday Marketing

A quarter of all personal spending takes place during the holiday season, which makes it a crucial time for most businesses. The average household in the United States spends $1,700 on Christmas and research suggests that November and December are the months where people are most generous with their money. This generosity often extends to small businesses, which makes the holiday season the ideal time for increased marketing in the local area and beyond.

Additionally, because Christmas is a time when people are primarily buying for other people, they are also, as a result, more likely to broaden their horizons in terms of the businesses they deal with. During the month of December, people are more likely to take part in a business transaction with a company they have never dealt with before than they are at any other time of the year. This willingness for people to spend money and expand their horizons makes it a great time for businesses to chase new sales leads. One particularly effective way to increase awareness of your business and attract new customers is through direct mail.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Despite the popularity of telemarketing and the more recent rise of email marketing, direct mail remains one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies available; especially for new businesses, those with a small customer base or those looking to expand beyond their existing customer base.

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Setting up a mailing list is easy and direct mail is viewed by many as being less intimidating than telemarketing. Furthermore, postal mail has a statistically higher chance of being read than email marketing, which can often end up in junk mail folders or simply being ignored by people who are skeptical of phishing scams or viruses. Recent research by FastMAP found that nine out of ten people open direct mail and similar research conducted by Billets Media Monitoring put the figure at 91%.

Diret mail can be sent to target specific demographics, based on criteria like their annual income, location, occupation, age or marital status. It also provides easy to measure results, as a business can note how many solicitations it has sent out, measure the number of respondents and conclusively measure the response rate.

Research in the United Kingdom in 2011 found that 48% of people, almost half, responded to some form of direct mail marketing that they received through the post, which shows the huge potential that direct mail still has for businesses in the 21st century.

Capitalizing on the Christmas Rush

Consumer trends and spending during the holiday season are drastically different from the remainder of the year, so it makes sense for marketing campaigns to be different at this time of the year as well. As a business, it is important to tap into the Christmas market and one way to do this is by incorporating Christmas into your direct mail marketing campaign.

One way to achieve this is by offering special deals or reduced prices at Christmas and advertising them on the mail you send out. This can help to attract custom during the holiday season and these customers may then return in the months ahead. Another effective way to tap into the holiday spirit is by using Christmas themes on the design of your mail campaigns. It is important to remember that, during this time of year, people are often desperately seeking gift ideas and capitalizing on this can be immensely beneficial. Using Christmas-based designs can jog people’s memory or gain their attention quickly.

ProMarketing Leads can help to design and create the perfect consumer mailing list for your business and help to make it more effective by generating a targeted direct mailing list. In doing so, we can help to ensure that your marketing reaches the people who are most likely to have an interest in what you are offering.

Start Your Direct Mail Campaign Now

Whatever the nature of your business, it is likely that direct mail marketing can prove beneficial to your sales or public profile during the holiday season. The month of December, in particular, is a time when consumer spending is disproportionately high and people are more open minded when it comes to where they spend their money and what they spend their money on.

Statistically, direct mail marketing still produces great results, despite the expansion of internet marketing and tele sales. The vast majority of people will open direct mail and almost half of people admit to having responded to marketing they have received through the post. With the help of ProMarketing Leads, you can help to make sure that your business reaps the rewards on offer during the season of good will.

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