Certified Midwife Nurse Mailing Lists For Marketing

Certified Nurse Midwives are highly specialized healthcare professionals who offer women a range of medical services. This may include labor and delivery support, performing gynecological exams, newborn care services, family planning advice and quality reproductive education on pregnancy health, nutrition, breastfeeding infant care and fertility. Their work requires significant expertise which often demands high pay rates. CNMs have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a license to practice in the United States.

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Why to Buy Midwife Nurse Mailing Lists?

A 2017 WHO report shows that nurses and midwives comprise nearly half of the global healthcare workforce; yet face numerous barriers preventing them from realizing their full potential to enhance people’s lives. The report highlights four policy priorities.

Nurses and midwives are frequently the first point-of-contact when seeking health services; therefore their initial assessment and care can be critical in the success of any intervention. Furthermore, as part of the local communities they can be instrumental in understanding its culture, strengths, vulnerabilities as well as designing interventions tailored specifically to individual’s needs.

Marketers have an opportunity to reach nurses and healthcare professionals directly with targeted advertising campaigns during YONM. By developing relationships on a more personal level, marketers can show their dedication to these professions and demonstrate that you care.

No matter the goal – from recruiting new nurses or promoting medical products – our nurse mailing lists can help your organization or product reach its intended audience. By customizing each list to the exact demographic criteria that interest you, your message can reach its intended recipients quickly and efficiently. Get started on your campaign now!

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