People are always moving – our new mover mailing lists will help you find you new prospects!

Many Americans are transient by nature. They move multiple times over the course of their lifetimes and careers, and with all of the expenses associated with relocation,  new movers are one of the most lucrative consumer audiences around.

ProMarketing Leads can connect you with this audience. As experts at specialized, targeted, direct marketing campaigns, we can make sure your important message reaches this lucrative segment of the population. With our new mover mailing lists, we’ll put you on the fast track to conversions!

new mover lists

What Makes New Mover Mailing Lists So Effective?

Those who are moving from one residence or apartment to another, or who’ll be planning a move in the near future, face a unique set of challenges. Their goal is to make the move happen as smoothly as possible, and to become settled in their new dwellings, making them their very own homes. Just like your business wants to help new movers, we want to assist you. New mover mailing lists from ProMarketing Leads are perfect for matching consumer- and household-oriented products and services with a demographic group that’s highly proven to be receptive.

What types of new movers can we target?

We understand that there are multiple types of new movers. Obviously, certain campaigns are better for reaching certain movers. Accordingly, we maintain deep-ranging lists of niche new mover selects. You can have a list custom-made according to:

  • Distance of the Move
  • Property Type
  • Lot Size
  • Presence of Children
  • Age & Income
  • And Hundreds of More Selects!

ProMarketing Leads Provides Better Consumer Mailing Lists

At ProMarketing Leads, we’re successful only when your marketing campaigns produce superior results. To ensure those results, we scrub our consumer mailing lists thoroughly in order to provide you only the most accurate data, high-rate deliverable addresses, and access to premium grade end user information. We want every customer who receives your mailers to be a legitimate prospect who is ready to buy. Our direct marketing experts understand your goals and are happy to provide insider advice upon request.

Start Improving Your Conversions Today!

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